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Carrick Athena Offshore Investments

Secure Your Financial Future Offshore

Trying on a Necklace

Take control of your financial destiny 

Are you frustrated with limited local investment opportunities? Want to explore the world of offshore investing but unsure where to start?

Wealth Management, By Women, For Women

Save. Grow. Live.

What do you want your money to do for you?

Let's plan this together and get you there.

Carrick Athena understands your unique financial aspirations and challenges. We specialise in offshore wealth management tailored specifically for women like you.

Why invest offshore?

Global Investment Benefits

Investing overseas could potentially bolster returns and minimise risk by diversifying exposure to a singular currency or nation. It could contribute to a balanced part of a portfolio in conjunction with domestic investments. The degree of exposure is contingent upon individual requirements.

Risk Mitigation

Greater investment possibilities: By diversifying internationally, your clients gain access to an expansive array of investment opportunities. This allows the growth of their capital across various nations, industries, firms and currencies.

Meeting International Goals

Mitigate risk of capital loss: Distributing investments over various markets and currencies can mitigate the effects of currency depreciation, or political and market events on wealth.

Offshore Investment Strategy

Achieve future international objectives: Offshore investing could potentially simplify the process of funding international liabilities, thus assisting your clients in accomplishing their global objectives.

"With Carrick Athena, you gain access to a world of global investment opportunities. Our wealth management solutions are designed specifically for women, addressing your unique needs and financial goals."

Seanagh Fannin

Elderly woman reads

Always puts the client's needs first

“Seanagh has been my wealth manager for the past 6 years. What a gem! Seanagh has an awesome personality. Seanagh is charming, with a great sense of humour, is caring and empathetic. She is committed to her work as a wealth specialist and is detail-oriented, very punctual and very ambitious. She always puts the client’s interests first.”
– Althea Mason

Pregnant Woman and Partner

I can thoroughly recommend Seanagh

“Recently my wife and I had discussions with Seanagh Fannin of Carrick Wealth relating to overseas investment. I would like to record my thanks for the way she professionally handled our inquiry, providing all the detailed information requite to make an informed decision. She did not try to pressurise us into making a quick decision and went out of her way to explain all that is involved in setting up an overseas facility suited to our needs. I can thoroughly recommend Seanagh to anyone wanting to investigate such an investment.”
– Client

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My financial choices in a positive light

“Seanagh is the first person who has helped me with my personal finances, and I could not have asked for anyone better. She has really helped me to see my financial choices and situation in a different, more positive light and has motivated me to take this more seriously. What seemed like a trail of unthinking and messy decisions has now been reframed into considered and careful choices and the decisions I have made and continue to make seem to make more sense, economically and socially.”
– Client


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