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Statistically, women outlive their spouses by 5 to 7 years.
Statistically, a simple estate takes, on average, 2 to 3 years to wind up.

Where does that leave you and your loved ones? Does everyone know the plan? Do you just have a Will stating, “I leave everything to my significant other”, or have you worked out a plan, making this process as easy and effective as possible? 

Join us for an evening of informative discussions, canapes, and a gin tasting as we explore strategies to ensure your wealth is preserved – just the way you intended. 

We promise that it is likely to be one of the most informative evenings you have ever attended this year. 

Having money for your later years and certainly for your family after you have gone means having choices, options, and the promise of living the life you want. To do this, you need to plan. Life is filled with pivotal moments, and knowing how to handle these is essential. 

Key Highlights

  • A simple way to understand what happens with an estate 
  • What plans need to be put in place 
  • Common problems that families experience that can easily be avoided 
  • Our pivotal life moments – how do we handle them financially? 


Seanagh Fannin

Founder and Managing Director of Carrick Athena

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This is an open event, and we invite you to bring your friends and family, but please do register so we can cater correctly. Limited to 40 seats.