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Fact: 74% of women die single. 

Having control of your finances, understanding the family finances and how decisions you’ve made will affect you down the line is extremely important. You define you, not your married name or who your family wants you to be. As such your finances and having control of your finances, need to reflect this. 

But where to start? What to do? What questions to ask?  

Having money means choices, options and the power for you to do you!  

This seminar was a brief introduction to how to start accessing those choices. Understanding your bigger “financial picture” and where you need to get to have this financial freedom, equality and independence that ultimately defines the choices you can make. 

Many women joined us for a talk followed by wine and canapes and had an opportunity to engage with us and ask questions in a safe space. 

The fact is, women have different pivotal life moments to men, and they can happen at very different ages. Having a plan and knowing how to handle these moments is essential. Let’s change the financial services industry to start working for you and the woman that you are, whichever path you find yourself on. 

Key Highlights

  • A simple way to understand investing  
  • What you need to invest for financial freedom 
  • Understanding risk and rewards 
  • Our pivotal life moments – how to handle them financially 


Seanagh Fannin

Founder and Managing Director of Carrick Athena