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As women we tend to be goal based investors and think differently about how our finances should work for us. Whilst statistically we are likely to outlive our male counterparts, our pivotal life moments are likely to affect us differently too, meaning we will need to plan our finance journey differently and support ourselves for longer. Because of this, there’s unfortunately an 86% chance that most of us don’t relate to our current financial advisors, meaning we probably aren’t getting the advice to create the financial plans that we need. 

The team of female wealth managers at Carrick Athena understands this and have the knowledge and investment solutions to help create a plan that not only works for you, but one that you can relate too. This is, after all, your life, your money and your journey.

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Why Athena

After almost a year of research, we understand that women think differently about money. They have different needs depending on where they are in their lives, which differ from male clients’ wealth requirements. The investment gap between genders is a stark reality; women are not as well catered for by the financial industry. Until now.

Our women-led team of wealth specialists thinks differently about money and believes that building trust is what matters most in thriving relationships. We walk alongside you to futureproof your financial journey, ensuring your money empowers your dreams, whether they are for independence, power, opportunity or the benefit of loved ones.

Seanagh Fannin

Founder and Managing Director of Carrick Athena


In answer to our clients’ questions, we constantly produce resources and host events which help women take control of their wealth. Explore, stay informed and be inspired by our content. We would love to see you at the next Carrick Athena event, or keep you up to date as a subscriber.

The Wealthy Her Podcast is intended to ignite inspiration, empowerment, and promote a sense of community among women seeking financial and professional fulfillment.

A free short course on the fundamentals of investing, offered in the form of videos covering key topics, all designed to help women take a more prominent seat at the financial decision making table.

A legacy worth leaving

A legacy worth leaving

Learn how to leave a wealth legacy with estate planning guidelines. Trusts, assets and savings are all covered in this article, as well as how to transfer your wealth knowledge to loved ones.

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Our team of Private Wealth Managers is here to guide you through your investment journey with expert advice and unrivalled experience. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and partners. As a result, we are consistently ranked among the top advisory firms in South Africa, and are able to provide an unmatched offshore investment offering through our global partners.